Dutch (right, with Harry) is a large Belgian draft horse, brown with a blond mane.  Belgians are noted for their strength and being ‘many hands high,’ one of the largest working horses, and it was was Mary’s dream to have a Belgian draft.  She found Dutch near a kill pen at an auction, tied outside with an imploring look in his expressive eyes.  His tail had been cut off to fit a harness—though Dutch still has a few strands left to shoo away flies.  He happily came home with Mary and began life as the kingpin of the Farm Sanctuary.  Despite his size, Dutch sometimes likes to turn around in the horse trailer on his way to and from the Farrier in Kalona who trims his hooves.  Dutch has a progressive neuromuscular disease that causes his back legs to occasionally swing up but medication and intense Vitamin E has made an amazing difference in his quality of life.  Dutch is the gentle giant who loves carrots, apples, all his smaller kin and most especially Mary.

Dutch is also our web mascot.

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