Our mission is to provide a caring, life-long home to animals that were neglected,

abused, or unwanted. Now they share their love with our many visitors, young and old.

Welcome to Mary's Farm Sanctuary! We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) near Lone Tree, in east-central Iowa. It started out as a private mission for Mary, who took in animals that were neglected, abused, and unwanted.  Over the past decade, it became clear that there are still a lot of animals in need. Too many people get animals they don't really want nor do they take care of them. People continue to breed animals to make money. Mary's Farm provides some of these animals with a permanent and loving home. You can learn more about farm life in general and about Mary's Farm by reading a Smattering of Facts written by artist Debra Pughe.

We have horses, donkeys, mules, cats, dogs and one goat named Weezie. Our horses include our American Belgian Draft horse named Dutch who weighs in at a whopping 2600 pounds (more than a ton) and our smallest, Peanut, who is only 2 1/2 feet tall and probably weighs less than 200 pounds.


We have a Mammoth donkey named Rosebud. These donkeys the largest donkey, about the size of a riding horse. All the animals are safe and loved at Mary's Farm!

You can learn more about all of our animals at

Meet the Animals!

One of our mini horses, Tater Tot,

enjoying some spring grass.

The animals greet visitors to the farm and go to local senior centers and schools. We also invite the centers out to the Farm in the summer and fall. This way they can enjoy the animals and the gardens first hand.


We partner our seniors with local school children to plant and grow vegetables in our gardens. The food we grow goes to a local food bank and senior meal programs.

We partner with the Shelter House to collect new pairs of socks for those in need.  Our donation boxes are distributed to area businesses and collected in November.  Shelter House will distribute the socks along with coats November 16.

Mary’s Farm Sanctuary, Inc. , 5630 Wapello Avenue SE, Lone Tree, Iowa 52755

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